The Hep-cast is back for Series two! 

The podcast series explores the people behind the fight against hepatitis. In the second series the Hep-cast focuses on hepatitis B, in each episode you will hear from leading medical professionals, researchers, advocates and people with lived experience of hepatitis as they explore what needs to be done to reach elimination.

Listen now to the Hep-cast.

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S2 #3 Inside Prisons: The hepatitis care pathway for incarcerated people

In this episode, Clive Williams joins Dr. John May, President of Health Through Walls, and Dr. Sanjay Sarin, Vice President, Access at FIND to explore viral hepatitis within prison settings and interventions and experiences of people living with viral hepatitis in prison.

S2 #2 Youth Can’t Wait – Empowering Young People in the Fight against Hepatitis

David Urick was born with hepatitis B but was only told when he was teenager. The confusion and stigma that followed had a profound and life changing impact on overcoming drug use, attempted suicide and depression. In this episode, David from the U.S. joins Professor Manal El-Sayed, a professor of paediatrics at Ain Shams University in Egypt, and Arafat Bwambale, Co-founder of the Great Lakes Peace Centre in Uganda to discuss the critical importance of working with young people to achieve elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

S2 #1 Women Leading the Fight to Protect the Next Generation from Hepatitis

In this first episode of series 2, Dr Sarah Jarvis is joined by Nafisa Yussf and two other passionate women: Cynthia Raissa Tamandjou, a Medical Virologist based in France and Bisi Bright, a Clinical Pharmacist and CEO of the LiveWell Initiative in Nigeria. These inspiring women have dedicated their lives to empowering women and mothers living with viral hepatitis, challenging misconceptions and tackling the stigma to improve the lives of others.

The Hep-cast is a collaboration between the World Hepatitis Alliance and Gilead Sciences. The Hep-cast is fully funded by Gilead Sciences Europe Limited.