About us

We are an international network of organisations working in over 100 countries towards the goal of eliminating hepatitis by 2030. 

Our network comprises civil society and community organisations across the world. Together, we lead the fight against hepatitis through advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising. We are led and governed by people with lived experience of hepatitis and ensure that people with lived experience of hepatitis are at the heart of everything we do. 


Our vision

A world free from viral hepatitis

Our mission

Harness the power of people living with viral hepatitis to achieve its elimination

Our story

Not only have we have changed the course of viral hepatitis history, we have put it on the map. We can make bold statements like this because we have the results to back it up. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve spearheaded global awareness days, launched a global movement, held global summits and raised the voices of the people and communities impacted by hepatitis on the global stage. 

In 2016, our tenacious effort and unwavering commitment resulted in viral hepatitis becoming a global priority when 194 governments pledged to its elimination by 2030.

Since then, we have worked to hold countries to the promise of elimination, working with countries and communities to accelerate action towards elimination.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of organisations across the world to make a difference to the people and communities impacted by hepatitis. We work with anybody from small civil society organisations to Ministries of Health  and global bodies and institutions.

Our ability to bring together all stakeholders enables us to accelerate action towards the elimination of viral hepatitis.