What We Do

We change people's lives

To achieve a world free from viral hepatitis, the World Hepatitis Alliance provides global leadership in awareness-raising, advocacy and in efforts to find the missing millions

Alongside our 290+ member organisations working on the ground in 94 countries, the World Hepatitis Alliance harnesses the power of people living with viral hepatitis to achieve its elimination by 2030.

We run global campaigns, convene high-level policy events, build capacity and pioneer global movements, ensuring people living with viral hepatitis guide every aspect of our work.

All of our actions work towards the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030, achieving the goals set out in WHO Elimination Strategy and the targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

To achieve the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030, we identified increasing diagnosis as our key focus for 2018 – 2020. The WHO Elimination Strategy calls for a major increase in diagnosis of chronic viral B and C infection; 30% by 2020 and 90% by 2030. Today, only 11% of those living with viral hepatitis are aware of their diagnosis. Without a massive scale-up in diagnosis, treatment rates will fall and infection rates will rise.

Without finding the “Missing Millions” that are yet to be diagnosed and linking them to care, all other efforts will only have marginal success. Our first step is to find them. Find out more about our Finding the Missing Millions campaign here.

To find out more about our activities for 2018-2020, check out our Strategic Plan.