Strengthening the voice of people living with viral hepatitis

Strengthening the voice of people living with viral hepatitis

People living with viral hepatitis have a unique and critical role in the elimination of viral hepatitis

From prevention and diagnosis through to treatment and care, people living with viral hepatitis have lived experience about the illness and understand the true impact of the disease on day-to-day life. We work with patient groups across the world to mobilise, support, build and utilise their expertise to accelerate the hepatitis response to eliminate viral hepatitis.

Throughout the year, we provide a range of advocacy resources and lead a number of activities to support the development and running of national organisations, the strengthening of advocacy and policy work, as well as activities to support awareness-raising and fundraising.

Below you will find a snapshot of resources and activities we offer to help strengthen the power of people living with viral hepatitis.


To successfully harness the power of people living with viral hepatitis, we have created a platform for people living with the disease to share their voice. Telling the real stories and lived experiences of viral hepatitis is not only crucial to highlighting the true impact of the disease, but an essential part of tackling the stigma, fear and discrimination that prevents people from understanding the illness and coming forward for testing.

The Wall of Stories is an interactive platform that showcases these stories and calls on others to share their experiences. As we focus on finding the missing millions, we are particularly keen to hear from people who have encountered barriers to testing and their experiences receiving and dealing with a diagnosis.

Sharing your story ensures that the needs of people living with viral hepatitis remain at the heart of every conversation. Browse the stories and share your experience here.


We host frequent webinars aimed at educating patients and patient representatives about relevant topics in the area of viral hepatitis. We feature a range of specialists who provide expertise as well as WHA members who share best practices and insights on the ground.


In line with our renewed mission to “harness the power of people living with viral hepatitis”, we have a number of exciting projects planned. To inform members how to join us in delivering our 2018 – 2020, we hosted a special webinar. Watch the webinar to hear from staff at the World Hepatitis Alliance discuss the vision for 2018 and their planned activities and key dates. You will also hear exciting World Hepatitis Day news and receive an exclusive update on our new flagship programme “Finding the Missing Millions”, along with various campaigns, which are being launched this year.


Have an idea for a future webinar topic? Get in touch at


We believe that patient organisations should be present and vocal at every level of national decision making and are vital to achieving a world free from viral hepatitis. However, despite viral hepatitis being a deadly global issue, patient organisations do not exist in all countries. As such, we have developed PACT, an online tool, to support the set-up of patient advocacy and support groups and help them grow.

PACT is primarily aimed at physicians and healthcare workers, because they are the people who are most likely to be in regular contact with large groups of patients, but it can be used by anyone who is interested in establishing patient groups for viral hepatitis. Find out more here.