#StigmaStops: Don’t Let Stigma Stop You

“Viral hepatitis is not only a silent killer, but also a silencer”

Raquel Peck, CEO of World Hepatitis Alliance

Stigma stops the majority of people living with viral hepatitis enjoying the quality of life they deserve. From social exclusion and inferior healthcare to denial of employment opportunities and verbal assaults, stigma and discrimination stop people living with viral hepatitis from fulfilling their potential.

According to a report published by the World Hepatitis Alliance, more than 90% of countries surveyed reported stigma and discrimination to some degree.

  • Almost 3 in 4 respondents suffer from self-stigmatisation
  • Over half of respondents have been socially isolated
  • 1 in 2 people have experienced unjust barriers to healthcare
  • 42% have lost out on job opportunities or income

The report entitled “Holding Governments Accountable: World Hepatitis Alliance Civil Society Survey Global Findings Report” found that stigma not only affects an individual’s ability to access diagnostics and treatment but also impacts their personal life, mental health and ability to work, learn and maintain relationships. Yet, despite this, very few respondents felt that their government was effectively addressing it on a national level, making stigma and discrimination a significant barrier to the elimination of viral hepatitis.


Global Campaign to Stop Stigma

On Zero Discrimination Day (1 March 2018), WHA launched its year-long global awareness-raising campaign called #StigmaStops, in an effort to highlight the true impact of stigma, dispel myths and encourage people living with the disease to speak out.