The World Hepatitis Alliance provides a range of tools and materials to aid the fight for a world free from viral hepatitis 

Here you can find updates on the work of the World Hepatitis Alliance as well as patient resources.

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Welcoming new members to the World Hepatitis Alliance

17 Jul 2015 Bridie Taylor

Over the past few months we have welcomed a surge of new members to the World Hepatitis Alliance and we are proud to now have 216 member groups in 80...

2 weeks until World Hepatitis Day!

14 Jul 2015 Bridie Taylor

July 28 is now fast approaching and it’s set to be the biggest World Hepatitis Day yet! But we need your support to ensure we reach as many people as...

Calling for greater commitment to the fight against hepatitis at the World Health Assembly

28 May 2015 Bridie Taylor

The 68th session of the World Health Assembly (WHA68) took place in Geneva from 18th-26th May. On 25th May, the World Hepatitis Alliance was invited...

Supporting the launch of guidelines and policies to address viral hepatitis

1 Apr 2015 Bridie Taylor

WHO Injection Safety policy Every year 1.7 million people are infected with hepatitis B through unsafe injection and 315,000 with hepatitis C. Yet up...

Working closely with WHO to develop a global strategy

1 Apr 2015 Bridie Taylor

WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee for hepatitis (STAC-HEP) meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 19 – 20 February As part of an expert advisory...

Highlighting the importance of patient advocacy at international conferences

31 Mar 2015 Bridie Taylor

24th Conference of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL), Istanbul, Turkey, 12 – 15 March Patient led advocacy is vital in...

How will 2015 be a defining year for the Alliance?

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

Viral hepatitis is a global killer with alarming mortality rates, yet an increased global commitment to tackling the disease and ground-breaking new...

How does the Alliance really represent hepatitis patients?

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

The World Hepatitis Alliance prides itself as the true voice of hepatitis patients living all over the world. All our work is overseen by an...

What is the future for hepatitis treatments? And how we can fund hepatitis programmes?

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

Discussions around hepatitis are dominated by the pioneering new treatments rapidly transforming the landscape and the ensuing heated discussions...

WHA in official relations with WHO: What does this mean for you?

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

Fundamental to our ability to influence global hepatitis policy and bring about real change in the world of hepatitis is our relationship with the...

Need some inspiration for action? : Initiatives from WHA members

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

Together our voices are stronger and united we can tackle this global killer! The World Hepatitis Alliance is fortunate enough to be made up of...

Assisting WHO in the development of a global strategy

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

World Health Organization Member States have urged WHO to develop a comprehensive global strategy on hepatitis. To assist in the development of this...

World Hepatitis Alliance’s ever-growing membership base

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

Central to the success of the World Hepatitis Alliance are our member groups around the world. To stimulate political interest in and action on...

Joining expert committees to promote harm reduction

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

Harm reduction policies are proven to save lives. Globally, as many as 67% of People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs) have hepatitis C and an additional 8.4...

Promoting screening among high risk communities with new multi-lingual tool

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

In Europe, migrant populations are disproportionally affected by hepatitis B and C. Crucial to reducing the burden is improving screening among these...

Supporting the development of national action plans in South America

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

Government commitment to comprehensive national action plans is key to addressing the burden of viral hepatitis. To support the development of...

Exploring new treatment developments and innovative ways to finance healthcare

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

New therapeutic developments are revolutionising the way hepatitis is treated. But with a global lack of funding, how can these pioneering new drugs...