Global Community Hepatitis Policy Report

Published April 2015
Topics Prevention, Treatment, World Hepatitis Alliance
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World Hepatitis Advisory Committee Meeting (WHAC) Report

Published April 2015
Topics Hepatitis C, World Hepatitis Alliance, Hepatitis B
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India’s young filmmakers give a global voice to viral hepatitis survivors

14 Dec 2016 Tara Farrell

Today, media charity tve today launches four powerful films that give voice to five individuals in India who have survived viral hepatitis, one of...

Leave no-one behind

2 Dec 2016 Tara Farrell

On 3rd December, patients across the globe will unite to mark Patient Solidarity Day and reaffirm that patient-centred universal health coverage is...

HIV coinfection more than triples the risk of liver disease, liver failure and liver-related death from viral hepatitis

1 Dec 2016 Bridie Taylor

On World AIDS Day, the World Hepatitis Alliance calls for increased recognition of viral hepatitis and HIV coinfections London, 1 December 2016 –...

New WHA Executive Board announced

28 Nov 2016 Bridie Taylor

Our voting members have spoken and the votes have been counted! Following a fiercely contested election, we are delighted to announce our new...

WHO launches first-ever global report on access to hepatitis C treatment

27 Oct 2016 Tara Farrell

New report from the World Health Organization (WHO) released today shows how political will, civil society advocacy and pricing negotiations are...

Launch of World Hepatitis Day 2016 Report

19 Oct 2016 Tara Farrell

On 28 July 2016, patients, governments, organisations and many others participated the most successful World Hepatitis Day (WHD) to date, with 174...

New database sheds light on generic hep C drugs in low-and middle-income countries and how to access them

13 Oct 2016 Bridie Taylor

To provide information on the intellectual property status of priority medicines in 101 low-and middle-income countries, the Medicines Patent Pool (...

Interested in leading a global organisation in the fight to eliminate viral hepatitis?

15 Sep 2016 Bridie Taylor

The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is seeking nominations for two key offices; President-Elect and Regional Executive Board Members, to drive action...

Europe Adopts Regional Action Plan to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

14 Sep 2016 Tara Farrell

Today, representatives from the 53 countries in the WHO European Region adopted the first-ever Action Plan for viral hepatitis. The Action Plan,...


12 Sep 2016 Tara Farrell

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Committee of the World Hepatitis Summit - comprising the World Hepatitis Alliance; World Health Organization and...


28 Jul 2016 Tara Farrell

On World Hepatitis Day, the World Hepatitis Alliance and The Hepatitis C Trust, held the first hepatitis “die-in” at Piccadilly Circus in London to...

Globally, 95% of people living with a cancer-causing illness are unaware

28 Jul 2016 Bridie Taylor

On World Hepatitis Day, the World Hepatitis Alliance is calling for a dramatic scale up in viral hepatitis testing to reduce liver cancer deaths...

Treatment of hepatitis C has more than doubled since 2013. Yet 99% of people are still being denied the life-saving cure

28 Jul 2016 Bridie Taylor

On World Hepatitis Day, the World Hepatitis Alliance is calling for a dramatic scale up in testing and treatment across all countries to reduce the...

Viral hepatitis is the 7th leading killer worldwide, killing more people than HIV, TB or malaria

7 Jul 2016 Tara Farrell

Viral hepatitis has become the seventh leading cause of death and disability in the world, killing more people in a year than HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis...

WHA presents Knowledge for Change webinar series to enhance hepatitis knowledge

8 Jun 2016 Bridie Taylor

Advocacy is a powerful tool but in order to effectively advocate and bring about change, it is important to first build our knowledge in key areas...

Governments on track to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030

28 May 2016 Tara Farrell

194 Member States commit to eliminating viral hepatitis at World Health Assembly On 28 May, 194 Member States made a historic commitment to eliminate...

A make-or-break moment for the first viral hepatitis strategy

26 May 2016 Tara Farrell

REPOSTED FROM DEVEX : By Jenny Lei Ravelo @JennyLeiRavelo Six years ago, advocates against viral hepatitis experienced a huge win: Member states at...

7.1 million lives to be saved if governments agree to eliminate global killer

24 May 2016 Bridie Taylor

The World Hepatitis Alliance is calling on 194 Member States to support the adoption of the World Health Organization’s first ever Elimination...

Animated video launched to help support the adoption of WHO’s Viral Hepatitis Strategy at the World Health Assembly

23 May 2016 Tara Farrell

To coincide with the 69th World Health Assembly, the World Hepatitis Alliance has launched an animated video to showcase the importance of WHO’s...

World Hepatitis Alliance supports UK member in fight for patient rights

19 May 2016 Tara Farrell

The World Hepatitis Alliance is supporting The Hepatitis C Trust, a UK based charity, in their law-suit against National Health Service (NHS) England...