The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is committed to being transparent about its funding and takes its core values of integrity and trust very seriously. It is accountable to all of its key stakeholders, in particular the 325 million people living with viral hepatitis. WHA receives unrestricted educational grants from the private sector, including the pharmaceutical industry, which enables it to drive action to help eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.

You can find more about our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct here.

Organisations who have helped to support our cause with contributions

We have achieved some truly remarkable things in the last few years. Hepatitis is recognised as a much more serious issue than a decade ago. We have been helped in this by our partners, who have lent their determination and expertise to our cause. 

Help us to stop a disease which affects millions

Is your organisation interested in making a difference to the lives of millions of people suffering from viral hepatitis right now? Every contribution could make a very real, very serious difference. Please contact us regarding the possibility of becoming a sponsor.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this cause. Contact us if you would like to sponsor us