World Hepatitis Summit 2024 to convene in Lisbon

  • Lisbon, Portugal will host the World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) 9-11 April, 2024, bringing together global experts to discuss the latest advances in hepatitis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • The theme of the 2024 summit is “Integrate, Accelerate, Eliminate”.
  • The Ministry of Health of Portugal is providing institutional support. 

World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) 2024 will be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal on 9-11 April, and will be an opportunity to drive action to improve the lives of the more than 350 million people globally that are living with viral hepatitis – and save the lives of over a million people who die every year from hepatitis related liver cancer and disease.

WHS 2024 will bring together community organisations, policy makers, governments, advocates, medical professionals, the private sector and donors.

With the theme of “Integrate, Accelerate, Eliminate,” the summit will put the voices of people living with viral hepatitis front and centre.

The global community will share and learn about the innovative work being done to increase access to testing, vaccination, and treatment services, tackle stigma and discrimination, advocate and campaign for funding, with an aim for viral hepatitis elimination by 2030.

Previous summits have acted to galvanise the hepatitis response, have ensured key commitments by funders and global policy-makers were realised, and stakeholders held accountable. In 2022, WHS was opened by the Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and speakers included former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, and many other top global health leaders.

With institutional support from the Ministry of Health of Portugal, the summit will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts in the field and real-life voices.

Danjuma Adda, President, World Hepatitis Alliance; and Executive Director, Center for Initiative and Development (CFID) and Chagro-Care Trust (CCT), Nigeria said “Globally, viral hepatitis continues to be neglected as a public health issue. The uneven progress in the access to hepatitis prevention, testing and treatment is a human rights issue. Elimination will not be reached by working alone, and the summit enables us to reach out to other global health agencies and so strengthen and diversify the hepatitis response”.

Manuel Pizarro, Minister of Health, Portugal said “It is an honour for Portugal to host the World Hepatitis Summit 2024. Many advances were made in our country and globally. It is now the moment to give a step further, to scale up those interventions, to all contexts, in all countries.  We believe this is an opportunity for collaborating and learning, given that the world is increasingly global, and our responses need to overcome borders.”

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