World Hepatitis Day 2023!

World Hepatitis Day is a global initiative to raise awareness about hepatitis and its impact on millions of lives. On this important day, let’s come together to learn, educate, and advocate for prevention, testing, and treatment. Together, we can eliminate hepatitis and ensure a healthier future for all. 

Check out the website where you can find all the ways to get involved, sign the pledge, and access the campaign guidelines and resources!

2023 Theme

The theme of the campaign this year is:

Every year, more than a million lives are lost to hepatitis. We’re not waiting for change – we’re fighting to make it happen. 

WHD Communications Toolkit

Our WHD Communications Toolkit provides details on messaging, the campaign resources, example social posts and updates on other ways to get involved – like the Virtual Global Relay!

WHD Launch Webinar

Watch our webinar where we launch the 2023 campaign and discuss all the ways to get involved!


World Hepatitis Day 2023: Community Forum – 25 July, 1pm BST

Viral hepatitis affects over 350 million people worldwide and for most, testing and treatment remain beyond reach due to several factors.

The WHD community forum gives a real insight into the many experiences, perspectives and unmet needs of people diagnosed with and living with hepatitis across the world.

The panel explore global conversations around eliminating hepatitis by 2030 and why we are not waiting for hepatitis elimination. The forum offered an open space for people living with hepatitis to share experiences and offer possible solutions to address challenges faced, as a result of the disease.

We’re not waiting – Beating hepatitis and cancer together – 27 July, 1pm BST


Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is an oncogenic virus that causes liver cancer at the same rate as someone who actively smokes one pack of cigarette per day.

Yet, we wait to treat HBV infected patients until they develop liver disease before initiating treatment.

The WHO ‘Best buys’ document provides recommended interventions for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, and recently prevention of liver cancer through hepatitis B immunisation has been included as a recommendation.

This panel discussion and Q&A focused on the integration of the hepatitis community and hepatitis services with liver cancer and NCDs.

WHD 2023 Film

Watch our 2023 WHD campaign video!