World Hepatitis Day 2021 Webinar series


In July the World Hepatitis Alliance hosted three webinars focusing on key topics in hepatitis elimination. View the webinars below. 

Webinar one: Hepatitis Can’t Wait- accelerating elimination. 

With so few countries on track to achieve hepatitis elimination by 2030 – we can’t wait to accelerate action toward this goal. 

This roundtable discussion will explore how we can generate momentum through innovation, prioritisation, collaboration and overcome the long-standing barriers that have stood in our way. 

Key discussion points:

  1. Overcoming the persistent barriers to testing, treatment and prevention 
  2. Empowering people affected by hepatitis to fight stigma and discrimination and to drive change by decision-makers
  3. Accelerating the decentralisation of services to bring them closer to the communities that need them
  4. Accelerating hepatitis elimination through cancer prevention, reduction of non-communicable diseases and the transformation to universal health coverage (UHC).

Webinar two: Policy makers Can’t Wait 

Roundtable discussion on how we can overcome the barriers in parliaments, governments, and health systems to fund and implement hepatitis elimination programmes.

Key discussion points:
1. What is standing in the way of countries acting on the global commitment to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030? Is it only about finance?
2. How can we progress through these barriers towards positive action?
3. In countries where hepatitis elimination programmes are in place – what were the contributors to their success?
4. What are the messages which will resonate with parliamentarians and will motivate them towards action?
5. How can community activists and policy makers work together to make change happen?



Webinar three: Youth Can’t Wait 

Millions of young people around the world are living with viral hepatitis and they can’t wait for action. This event will amplify the voices of these young people, along with those dedicated to improving their lives and stopping future generations from being affected.

Discussion areas to include:
1. What is it like growing up with hepatitis and effect does it have on families?
2. How young people are already making a difference and how can we further harness their passion and energy to drive forward elimination?
3. What needs to be done to better support young people with hepatitis?


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