We can't wait for Universal Health Coverage

12 December 2022

This UHC Day WHA, with our members, is advocating for universal health coverage for people living with viral hepatitis. We have just ten years left to reach the World Health Organization (WHO) target of the elimination of viral hepatitis, and universal health coverage is key for this.

Through the ever-evolving global health landscape we must mobilise resources for hepatitis elimination across national programmes and health systems, hold governments and policymakers accountable to achieve the 2030 elimination goals, and increase collaboration with civil society organisations.

Importantly we must amplify the voice, needs and visibility of empowered people living with hepatitis, and the affected communities, to motivate action and drive change. If we do, we can achieve universal health coverage, person-centered care, and our 2030 goals.

We can’t wait for a world free from hepatitis, and together we can make it happen. Hepatitis Can’t Wait.

Cary James, CEO