HBV Elimination Global Resource Center

Helping Global Providers Stay on the Cutting Edge of HBV and HDV Care to Advance Elimination

Module #1

Optimizing Global Screening and Treatment Efforts to Mitigate HBV Morbidity and Mortality Video

Hear expert insights on strategies to eliminate HBV and explore opportunities for closing gaps across the care continuum!

0.75-hour CME/CE | HBV Micro-Learning Video Library

Persistent gaps across the HBV care continuum point to urgent needs to drastically scale up HBV screening, prevention, and treatment, particularly among underserved communities who bear the highest disease burden. Tune in to this video as global hepatitis experts exchange ideas about ways to accelerate HBV elimination across different regions by optimizing patient outreach, testing, prevention, antiviral treatment, and monitoring.

Module #2

Uncovering Key Advances in HDV Management: Where Do We Stand Today?

Gain valuable insights from experts about HDV infection and how to optimize care for your patients.

0.5-hour CME/CE | Micro-Learning Video Library (Part 2 of 5)

Hepatitis D virus (HDV) infection among people with HBV has been associated with increased risk of cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, and worsened liver function. Despite significant research, there are a multitude of unknowns related to global HDV prevalence and optimal approaches for screening and management.

Tune in to this video as renowned hepatitis clinicians discuss the most up-to-date information about global HDV burden, diagnosis, and new and emerging treatment options.