Expanding the membership base of the World Hepatitis Alliance

1 Oct 2015 Bridie Taylor

The membership base of the World Hepatitis Alliance continues to go from strength to strength as we welcome five new organisations. Our membership is now composed of over 220 members in 80 countries across the world. Expanding this network creates greater unity and cooperation among the global hepatitis community, which is fundamental to efforts in tackling the global hepatitis epidemic.

Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV:

Based in Longmont, USA, the Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV provides knowledge and support to people living with hepatitis C. The Foundation assists patients with information on treatment and co-pay assistance programmes and aims to reduce the financial stress patients deal with, enabling them to pay more attention to their health.  

SHECA Foundation:

Seham Health Care (SHECA) Foundation is a not for profit organisation in Nigeria dedicated to the development of public awareness, prevention and care for viral hepatitis and related cancer. The organisation’s activities include prevention campaigns, free screening and vaccination programmes, conducting prevalence surveys and referring patients to specialists.

Gujranwala Liver Foundation:

Gujranwala Liver Foundation was established in Pakistan in 2007 with the aim to improve the awareness, prevention and management of viral hepatitis. The organisation offers financial support to patients, promotes research in the field of hepatology and established a clinic where patients are able to consult with specialists and receive treatment.

Dutch Liver Patients Association:

The Dutch Liver Patient Association is a patient organisation that aims to be the voice and support for all those living with liver diseases. The association advocates for the best care and quality of life for people with liver disease and provides information from a patient perspective as well as representing patient input in scientific research.

Evidence Based Medicine Foundation:

The Evidence Based Medicine Foundation is based in Moscow, Russia and strives to promote evidence based approaches in the treatment of viral hepatitis. The organisation runs education sessions for patients and relatives on various aspects of living with hepatitis B and C and promotes improved access to treatment for hepatitis C treatments.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance? By being part of this global network of patient groups provides many benefits to your organisation, including increased credibility, international visibility of your work, capacity building, and the opportunity to shape the strategic direction of WHA and thus influence the global health agenda. For more information on the membership requirements and how to apply, click here.