World Hepatitis Alliance supports UK member in fight for patient rights

19 May 2016 Tara Farrell

The World Hepatitis Alliance is supporting The Hepatitis C Trust, a UK based charity, in their law-suit against National Health Service (NHS) England for their unlawful denial of hepatitis C treatment.

The charity claims that health chiefs in the NHS are denying highly effective hepatitis C treatment despite being approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who determined the new regimens for hepatitis C as being cost-effective. Currently 160,000 people in the England are infected with hepatitis Ci, which can lead to liver disease, liver cancer and cirrhosis.

On average, the NHS spends £20,000 per treatment course, which offers approx. 95% cure rate. Despite the large numbers infected and high efficacy rates, NHS England has limited treatment to 10,011 patients a year, which violates NICE’s recommendation of funding cost-effective treatments.

“Allowing only 1 in 16 people in England the chance of being cured of a cancer causing illness is not good enough” said Raquel Peck, CEO of the World Hepatitis Alliance. “We are delighted to see one of our members are prepared to take legal action with all the risks involved, on behalf of patients.”

Charles Gore, CEO of The Hepatitis C Trust said, “The NHS should be putting health first and budgets second, not the other way round”.

For more information, visit The Hepaitits C Trust website.