Welcoming two new members to the World Hepatitis Alliance

13 May 2016 Bridie Taylor

The World Hepatitis Alliance continues to grow as we welcome two new member organisations. Our membership is now made up of over 230 groups in 82 countries in every region of the world. With activities ranging from advocacy and awareness-raising to screening and improving access, our member organisations are central to our work and we believe collaboration among patient groups is fundamental to tackling viral hepatitis throughout the world.

Foie Sain Benin

Foie Sain Benin have joined WHA as a Voting Member and are our first member in Benin. The organisation’s focus is on preventing viral hepatitis and runnning awareness campaigns and information seminars in schools and markets. They also run hepatitis A and B immunisation programmes and assist those in need of treatment.

Women and Children Health Empowerment Foundation (WACHEF)

Based in the Taraba State, Nigeria, Women and Children Health Empowerment Foundation (WACHEF) aim to ensure universal access and equitable healthcare and social services distribution among the general population especially women and children. As a Voting Member the majority of their work focuses on viral hepatitis and the organisation runs free screening events, health education and community outreach. For the past two years WACHEF have collaborated with fellow member group Chagro-Care Trust to mark World Hepatitis Day.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance? Being part of this global network of patient groups provides many benefits to your organisation, including increased credibility, international visibility of your work, capacity building, and the opportunity to shape the strategic direction of WHA and thus influence the global health agenda. For more information on the membership requirements and how to apply, click here.