Animated video launched to help support the adoption of WHO’s Viral Hepatitis Strategy at the World Health Assembly

23 May 2016 Tara Farrell

To coincide with the 69th World Health Assembly, the World Hepatitis Alliance has launched an animated video to showcase the importance of WHO’s Global Viral Hepatitis Strategy, one of the most important policy documents in the history of viral hepatitis to date.

This week, governments will decide whether to adopt or reject the WHO’s first ever Global Health Sector Strategy for Viral Hepatitis (GHSS), which sets a goal of eliminating hepatitis B and C by 2030 and includes a set of prevention and treatment targets which, if reached, will reduce annual deaths by 65% and increase treatment to 80%, saving 7.1 million lives globally by 2030.

With vaccines and effective treatments for hepatitis B and a cure for hepatitis C now available, elimination of viral hepatitis is feasible and achievable. The only thing standing in our way is ensuring political commitment.

The Strategy has undergone wide consultation with Member States during 2015 and was discussed and recommended by the WHO Executive Board in January. However, it is very important for us as the hepatitis community to encourage our governments to support the strategy and the goal of elimination.

The animated video, which is available in seven languages, is a useful resource to share on social media, amongst media and to encourage policymakers in your country the importance of adopting the strategy and the millions of loves which could be saved. The video also introduces NOhep, a global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis, which be launched at this year’s World Hepatitis Day (July 28).

To watch the animated video click here.