WHA supports African Hepatitis Summit 2019

19 Mar 2019 Chris Wingrove

WHA Board Member, Kenneth Kabagambe is hosting the first African Hepatitis Summit in Kampala, Uganda on June 18-20th.

The African Hepatitis Summit 2019 is a regional public policy 3 day event bringing together an audience of 1000 delegates from civil society groups, WHO and its member states, patient organizations, policy makers, public health scientists, Ministry of Finance, African Union, East African Community, Academia, Politicians, CDC, World Hepatitis Alliance and Scientists,

Its aims to;

  1. To increase the number of African Countries developing viral hepatitis action plans by making use of the latest public health research and technical support from WHO.
  2. To improve the implementation of existing viral hepatitis action plans through the sharing of best practice
  3. To discuss funding mechanisms for medicines and/or diagnostics through engagement of key stakeholders
  4. To raise the profile of viral hepatitis by engagement of  political leaders
  5. To encourage and direct public research to where it is needed by engaging key global funders.
  6. To promote the involvement of the civil society in all aspects of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis as stipulated in clause 1.3 of WHO’s Resolution WHA67.6 which urges member states to support CSOs.

 For more information please visit the African Hepatitis Summit website at https://africanhepatitissummit.com

or email admin@africanhepatitissummit.com.