6 Jun 2018 Bridie Taylor

Viral hepatitis is making the headlines. Here’s the latest news from the field of viral hepatitis this month.

WHO reports progress on global hepatitis strategy

Discussions at the 71st Session of the World Health Assembly focused around the WHO’s 13th General Program of Work, that sets out ambitious agenda for the next five years. WHA President Michael Ninburg delivered an intervention and the WHO also reported on mid-way progress of the global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis. 

Spring Testing Week pilot receives support across Europe

In an effort to promote testing and address barriers to implementation, the European Liver Patients Association (ELPA) and the INTEGRATE Joint Action this month launched a pilot campaign, Spring European Hepatitis-HIV Testing Week 2018.

WHO announces first-ever list of essential diagnostics tests

To address the gap in access to diagnostic services, the World Health Organization has published its first Essential Diagnostics List, a catalogue of the tests needed to diagnose the most common conditions as well as number of global priority diseases. 

Leading hepatitis C experts rebuke claims against DAAs efficacy

The medical community is in dismay after editors of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published an article questioning the efficacy of DAAs. The article claims insufficient evidence to judge whether the treatments reduce mortality or further liver complication from chronic hepatitis C. 

New NOhep resource to support national advocacy activities

Marking two years since governments adopted the global elimination strategy, this month NOhep launched a new campaign ‘Race to 2030’. The campaign calls on civil society organisations to take action to get their countries on track to meet WHO’s elimination targets. 

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