Welcoming five new members to the World Hepatitis Alliance

26 Jan 2016 Bridie Taylor

This month, we welcome five new organisations to the World Hepatitis Alliance. Our alliance is now made up of 230 organisations in 81 countries in every region of the world. Greater unity and collaboration between patient organisations is key to addressing the global burden of viral hepatitis and eliminating the disease.

Climbing for Carleen – USA

Climbing for Carleen is an active, grassroots non-profit organisation that promotes awareness, education, testing, organ donation and improved access to medicines. The group are based in the Rocky Mountains and as a part of their work they climb mountains to raise funds. The group will also begin hepatitis C testing soon.

Grupo de Autoayuda Unidos por una Vida Mejor – Mexico

Grupo de Autoayuda Unidos por una Vida Mejor work to provide a better quality of life for people living with hepatitis C. Their activities include raising awareness among at-risk populations, improving families’ understanding of the impact of hepatitis C and assisting patients economically to access treatment.

Hépatites Ressources – Canada

Hépatites Ressources provide information and support through a range of activities, including information sessions at conferences, a helpline, regularly updated website and the distribution of needles and syringes and leaflets. The organisation also accompany patients to Fibroscan tests, organise legal support for discrimination cases and provide a nurse service to monitor patients.

Viet Nam Viral Hepatitis Alliance – USA

The burden of viral hepatitis represents a grave problem in Viet Nam. Operating from the USA, the Viet Nam Viral Hepatitis Alliance was created to facilitate high-impact public health initiatives to deal with the pressing problem of hepatitis B and C in Viet Nam This work includes research on and scoping of the epidemic, mass immunisation, monitoring, counselling and treatment for all those in need.

Zhwandoon Welfare Organization – Pakistan

Based in Peshawar, Pakistan, Zhwandoon Welfare Organization is a grassroots organisation that works with the poorest groups in society. They strive to improve the lives of those living with viral hepatitis, haemophilia and thalassemia through advocacy and awareness activities.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance? Being part of this global network of patient groups provides many benefits to your organisation, including increased credibility, international visibility of your work, capacity building and the opportunity to shape the strategic direction of WHA and thus influence the global health agenda. For more information on the membership requirements and how to apply, click here.