Hep Voice April - June 2024

Welcome to Hep Voice!

In this issue, we share highlights from the World Hepatitis Summit which hosted close to 700 delegates from 95 countries. We also provide updates on advocacy activities and events hosted this quarter towards hepatitis elimination, including those by WHA members.

As we approach World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, we prepare for another significant opportunity for global action and awareness. This year’s theme is ‘It’s Time for Action’, emphasising the urgency of our goal to eliminate hepatitis by 2030. We look forward to bringing the world together to raise awareness about the global burden of viral hepatitis and to drive meaningful change.

Our Hep Voice this issue is Bright Ansah, who shares his story and experience living with hepatitis B in Africa and Maryland.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and look forward to seeing all your WHD activities this year!