WHA Executive Board set vision for 2016 – 2017

24 Feb 2016 Bridie Taylor

On 11 – 12 February, the World Hepatitis Alliance Executive Board met in London for the annual board meeting to help set the vision for the organisation over the next two years. Following the meeting, the World Hepatitis Alliance Strategic Plan 2016 – 2017 was agreed.

The Plan outlines our key goals and activities for the next two years. As the viral hepatitis landscape is rapidly changing, our Strategic Plan has evolved to include a new fourth goal that reflects the need for the huge scale-up in diagnosis and treatment required to achieve the global targets proposed by the WHO Global Health Sector Strategy (GHSS) on Viral Hepatitis.

Our strategic goals for 2016 – 2017:

  1. Many more countries with effective and funded hepatitis plans in place or at least in development
  2. Increased access to diagnostics, vaccines and new therapies for hepatitis
  3. Increased influence of the World Hepatitis Alliance and its members through capability building programmes
  4. Greatly increased profile and priority of viral hepatitis

During the two day meeting, board members met with members of staff to discuss the best approaches to deliver our ambitious goals and to ensure that all of our actions are in line with our single overarching goal: the elimination of hepatitis B and C as a public health concern.The Board offered a vast amount of helpful feedback and advice based on their respective geographies and assisted in shaping the Strategic Plan 2016 – 2017. Representatives from WHO were also present at the meeting and were supportive of our vision.

Each of our goals are made up of a series of actions and each has a set of key performance indicators so we can monitor our progress. We report on these actions and KPIs every three months through our quarterly reports.

Read our Strategic Plan 2016 – 2017 here.