HCV Quest Toolkit: Your guide to using surveys for advocacy

29 Feb 2016 Bridie Taylor

Good survey findings can make powerful tools for patient advocacy. The HCV Quest Global Patient Survey has produced compelling data on the real impact of living with hepatitis C. To ensure the survey data can be leveraged on a local level, we are delighted to announce the launch of the HCV Quest Toolkit: an online hub with all the documents patient groups need to develop and use survey findings in advocacy activities. The hub includes:

  • User guide: The user guide highlights key aspects of the HCV Quest data and shows how it can be used with different stakeholders. The guide includes key messages, tips on how to engage media and how to carry out surveys.
  • Advocacy Tools: These are global tools that support the utilisation of HCV Quest findings and include fact sheets, a template letter to policy makers, standby Q&As and an external presentation.
  • Communications Tools: The communications tools assist you with media outreach and include a template press release, example Twitter and Facebook posts, social media graphics and an infographic.
  • Reports: Reports include the Global Key Findings report and 22 country reports, available in both English and country’s official language.

Access the HCV Quest Toolkit here.

What is HCV Quest?

In 2014, the World Hepatitis Alliance carried out the HCV Quest Global Patient Survey, a global survey to gather information on the real impact of hepatitis C on people’s lives. We received responses from almost 4,000 people in 73 countries and launched the global findings in April 2015. HCV Quest is unique in that it has collected data from those living with the disease and reveals the significant burden of living with hepatitis C. Read the Global Key Findings report to find out more.

How can I find out more?

Join us for the second Tools for Change webinar of the series! On 10 March the ‘How to interpret and leverage results for effective advocacy: HCV Quest Global Patient Survey’ webinar will look at the use of surveys as tools for effective lobbying and campaigning. It will also provide an introduction to the HCV Quest Toolkit. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the HCV Quest resources, learn how to use the findings on a local level, and, if the findings aren’t relevant to your work, learn the tactics needed to develop your own survey and implement results.

Register for the webinar here.