WHA in official relations with WHO: What does this mean for you?

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

Fundamental to our ability to influence global hepatitis policy and bring about real change in the world of hepatitis is our relationship with the World Health Organization, so we are delighted to announce our official relations status with WHO has been renewed for another three years.

The renewal of our official relations with WHO could not be better timed. Following the World Health Assembly 2014 resolution on viral hepatitis, in which governments compelled civil society actors to become more involved with WHO and its work, WHA’s relationship with WHO has invaluable benefits to our members. WHA holds this relationship in great esteem and truly values our ability to represent the voice of hepatitis patients around the world at the highest level of global public health. Civil society have a crucial role to play in shaping the work of WHO and the relationship presents unprecedented opportunities for our member groups as we stand as the global patient representative in the field of hepatitis.