Need some inspiration for action? : Initiatives from WHA members

28 Feb 2015 Bridie Taylor

Together our voices are stronger and united we can tackle this global killer! The World Hepatitis Alliance is fortunate enough to be made up of inspirational groups doing great work all over the world. We want to showcase our members’ tireless efforts and provide them with the global profile their actions deserve. Read more to find out about just some of the important work our member groups have been doing in the past month.

Save Your Liver, Ghana:

After successfully establishing free hepatitis B screening centres in Accra and Kumasi, Save Your Liver Foundation submitted a policy proposal to the Ministry of Health in Ghana to promote nationwide free hepatitis B screening. The organisation are pleased to announce that the policy they submitted has been accepted, meaning all patients attending outpatient clinics in Ghana will undergo compulsory hepatitis B screening. In order to meet their requirements in the policy, all pharmaceutical outlets in the country also are offering visitors free hepatitis B screening. Following their success in driving change in Ghana, Save Your Liver have now opened a branch of their organisation in Nigeria in order to extend their efforts in tackling the disease.

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh:

The National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh have just launched an initiative to provide free treatment for hepatitis B and C patients. In the first phase of the programme, 20 patients have enrolled and will receive free consultation, laboratory services and medication. They want to further develop the programme and hope to be able treat more patients if funds allow.

Onom Foundation, Mongolia:

Viral hepatitis is undeniably a significant problem in Mongolia, a country that has the highest liver cancer mortality rate in the world. And with liver cancer death rates on the rise, Onom Foundation have launched an ambitious initiative with the aim of eliminating hepatitis C in Mongolia by 2020. Working closely with the Government of Mongolia, Onom Foundation have set up the Hepatitis Prevention, Control and Elimination Program that comprises three campaigns: a prevention campaign, a screening and early diagnosis campaign and a treatment campaign. Their efforts to achieve this commendable goal include social media awareness campaigns, government lobbying, on-site rapid testing projects and establishing a national viral hepatitis database. Through the initiative, Onom Foundation aim to cure approximately 147,700 people with chronic hepatitis C infections and enrol over 128,000 people with chronic hepatitis B infections in antiviral treatment regimens.

Are you making a real difference to the lives of hepatitis patients in your country and want the world to know about it? If so, we want to shout about it! Email details of your organisation’s work to and you could feature in next month’s e-bulletin.