Patient Solidarity Day: Uniting to declare healthcare a human right

3 Dec 2015 Bridie Taylor

On 5th December, patients across the globe will unite to mark Patient Solidarity Day and reaffirm that healthcare is a human right. Co-ordinated by the International Alliance of Patient Organizations (IAPO), the day encourages patient groups to come together to host events that raise awareness and urge decision-makers to meet patients' human right of access to timely, acceptable, and affordable healthcare of appropriate quality.

As an organisation that is patient-led and patient-driven, the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) fully supports an initiative that alerts the world’s attention to the importance of patient-centred healthcare. The power of patients joining together is an undeniable force and nowhere was this clearer than during the World Hepatitis Summit earlier this year. Since this unique meeting of over 150 patient organisation representatives, a renewed commitment has been made between WHA and its members to call on governments to recognise basic human rights and ensure that essential medicines are available to all at affordable prices.

For more information on Patient Solidarity Day and how you can get involved, visit: