Working closely with WHO to develop a global strategy

1 Apr 2015 Bridie Taylor

WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee for hepatitis (STAC-HEP) meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 19 – 20 February

As part of an expert advisory committee, the World Hepatitis Alliance is currently assisting WHO in developing its Global Hepatitis Strategy and defining global elimination targets. Following the first STAC-HEP meeting in December, the committee met in February to discuss the 2016-2020 Global Hepatitis Strategy and global targets. The current draft strategy proposes ambitious targets: by 2030, 90% of chronic hepatitis diagnosed, 90% of eligible patients treated and 90% of those treated are viral-suppressed (HBV) or cured (HCV). WHO are also seeking input into the strategy from organisations and individuals. Patient involvement is crucial to the development of an effective strategy so take advantage of this unique opportunity and have your say on the WHO global strategy. You can comment on the proposed strategy online here

Meeting at WHO EURO, Copenhagen, Denmark, 13 March

WHO regional offices are central to addressing the burden of viral hepatitis throughout the world so, as part of the development of the Global Hepatitis Strategy, WHO are holding regional consultations this year. Working with regional offices is also vital to our efforts so this month WHA CEO Raquel Peck met the viral hepatitis team at WHO EURO to discuss our respective strategies for 2015 and ensure they are aligned with one another. World Hepatitis Day, the World Hepatitis Summit and WHO’s European Strategy for HIV and Hepatitis were discussed in depth.