A declaration from people living with hepatitis B: A call for a whole person approach

We are people with chronic hepatitis B, and we make the following declaration:

As persons who live with the hepatitis B virus in our body, we deserve to be heard.

We want to live healthy and long lives, and we need access to hepatitis B testing, care, medications and liver cancer screening—or our lives may be cut short.

We want to live to our fullest potential, but our personal and professional lives are often limited by stigma and discrimination—we need social support, increased awareness and removal of any discriminatory laws and practices.

We want whole person care, not care that is focused only our liver.

We want our doctors to consider the overall impact of hepatitis B on our whole lives and consider outcomes which are important to us.

We want to not worry about developing liver cancer or spreading the infection because of our inability to access care and treatment.

We want flexibility in the treatment recommendations, so that we can receive care and treatment even if we are resource limited and diagnostic testing is not accessible.

We want simplified treatment strategies, so that care is available to more of us.

We want to be at the centre of decision making for our care with our preferences and values prioritized.

We want to be informed of the latest medical advances for hepatitis B and included in all relevant meetings. We ask researchers to provide summaries that are understandable to us.

We want to be represented anywhere decisions are being made about us.

We want better treatments and eventually to be cured—we call for continued investment into hepatitis B drug development.

We want vaccines for our babies and for our loved ones to protect them from infection.

We want to care for ourselves, our families and our communities, but we need our countries to provide the hepatitis B services we need.

We, of all people, want the achievement of viral hepatitis elimination. But it will not happen with the current medical recommendations and the many barriers we face; the gaps in diagnosis, care and treatment are too great. More of us must get care and treatment earlier.

We are 300 million strong. We are parents, children and siblings. We are your friends and colleagues. We are leaders and members of your community. Every year we wait, more of us needlessly lose their lives.

We desperately need hepatitis B prioritized, and the time is now.