2023 Regional Board Member Elections

2023 is an election year!

The time has come again for WHA members to have a say about who is representing you at a regional level.   

Four new board members for the AFRO, EMRO, EURO and WPRO regions will be elected in January 2024 to begin their two-year term.    

We call on WHA member organisations to nominate candidates to represent your region.    

How to nominate a candidate?   

  1. Carefully review the role description with a particular focus on the person specification to ensure the person you have in mind fulfils all of the criteria for the role. The candidate must reside in the country in which the nominating organisation is based.  

  1. Return the nomination form, completed in English, to elections@worldhepatitisalliance.org by 5 November 2023 including ‘WHA 2023 Election’ in the subject line. Please note that the front page of the form must be completed by yourself and page 2-4 by the candidate; failure to follow the instructions stipulated may result in the nomination not being considered.  

Please note only one nominee from each country will be accepted. Where more than one nominee is put forward by a single country, WHA will ask voting members within that country to rank their first and second choice nominee. The candidate with more than 51% of the votes received will be the one put forward.  

Don’t miss the deadline!  

Please do not hesitate to contact us at elections@worldhepatitisalliance.org should you have any queries.