TAG Malaysia

41 participants from different districts in Malaysia attended a three day workshop focused on HCV diagnostics. Amongst the group were people living with HIV and/or HCV, people who use drugs and medical professionals. Being a community focused meeting meant that some external stakeholders were not invited and in order to create safe and open space, the participants were able to make a few ground rules which would be upheld throughout the meeting.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Strengthen treatment, harm reduction, and other healthcare advocates’ capacity and technical knowledge on HCV diagnostics
  • Foster advocates’ leadership skills and prepare their meaningful community engagement in high-level national decision-making processes associated with timely regulatory approval, guidance development, and scale up of diagnostic technologies.

Participants were able to share experiences and knowledge in order to plan different campaigns, action steps. To conclude the meeting, participants compiled a list of key action points and outcomes.

To access the full report please see here.