Find the Missing Millions In-Country Programme - Yayasan Koalisi Satu Hati , Indonesia

Yayasan Koalisi Satu Hati is a non-profit organisation for people living with, and affected by, viral hepatitis and HIV. The organisation was formed to increase awareness of viral hepatitis and HIV in Indonesia and to educate the general public about the disease and the treatment options available in Indonesia.   


Indonesia is the home of 265 million people and it is estimated that the prevalence of hepatitis C in Indonesia is 1.1%.  

For the project, Koalisi Satu Hati had three objectives:  

  • Working on a national strategic and action plan for viral hepatitis   
  • Increase awareness of viral hepatitis to both the general population and key populations  
  • Reduce out of pocket expenditure on diagnosis and care  

Koalisi Satu Hati believed joining the FMM programme would help communities in Indonesia advocate for better resources for hepatitis C elimination in the country. 

Watch Caroline* share details of Koalisi Satu Hati’s project activities. 



*At the time of filming, Caroline was the founder of Peduli Hati Bangsa, a WHA member organisation