Find the Missing Millions In-Country Programme - National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh (NLFB) is a not-for-profit organisation established in April 1999 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The organisation is the first of its kind in Bangladesh and is dedicated to prevention, treatment, education and research on liver diseases with special emphasis on viral hepatitis.  


Bangladesh is in the intermediate prevalence zone of hepatitis B virus with an estimated prevalence of 5.5% in the general population. Multiple risk factors for the transmission of hepatitis B in Bangladesh have been identified.  

 For this project, NLFB chose to focus on two objectives: 

  • Address the lack of awareness and misconceptions surrounding viral hepatitis among rural and urban populations   
  • Advocate for testing facilities in hard-to-reach communities for an affordable price  

NLFB believe that being part of the FMM programme helped increase the organisations knowledge of viral hepatitis and they learnt how to conduct viral hepatitis awareness and testing campaigns. 

Watch Zunaid share details of NLFBs project activities.