Find the Missing Millions In-Country Programme - Positive People Armenian Network (PPAN), Armenia

Positive People Armenian Network (PPAN) is an NGO working towards improving the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis. They aim to make sure they are given the same courtesy as other members of society and are able to disclose their status without fear of discrimination.  


The government of Armenia considers hepatitis B and hepatitis C to be an urgent public health issue, with the prevalence of hepatitis C varying from 0.5% (among migrants) to 81.8% (among people who inject drugs (PWID)), with a median of 11.1%. 

For this project, PPAN had two objectives:

  • Advocating for combination testing to be implemented at NCAP (National Centre for AIDS Prevention)  
  • Ensuring micro-elimination of hepatitis C among those living with HIV  

 However, Armenia was hit drastically by Covid-19 and faced political issues which impacted PPAN’s ability to carry out their initial project objectives. Despite this, they persevered and focussed on one key objective; 

  • Advocating for combination testing to be implemented at NCAP 

PPAN believe that being a part of the FMM programme has added new vision to their organisation and allowed them to spread awareness about hepatitis.    

Watch Anahit share details of PPANs project activities.