Find the Missing Millions

Find the Missing Millions

Overcoming the barriers to diagnosis: The Role of Civil Society and the Affected Community in the viral hepatitis response.

No one should have to live with viral hepatitis without knowing.

Yet, globally more than 290 million men, women and children do. Unless there is a massive scale-up in screening, diagnosis and linkage to care, viral hepatitis will continue to spread leading to an estimated 76 million new infections and 18.1 million preventable deaths from viral hepatitis by 2030.


Civil society organisations and the affected community have a critical role to play in overcoming the barriers to diagnosis.

This website is designed to help them enhance their response. It builds on the recommendations in the white paper ‘Overcoming the Barriers to Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis: the Role of Civil Society and the Affected Community in Finding the Missing Millions’ which WHA launched in 2018.

Building your Advocacy Strategy

The information included in this resource should help to inform the development of effective advocacy strategies. Building these strategies is an important first step in any advocacy activity and a guide on how to approach this can be accessed here.



Featured case studies

Hazel Heal

Self advocating with medical professionals for viral hepatitis elimination.

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Swiss Hepatitis C Association (SHCA)

Surveying service users to determine what impact free or cheaper testing would have on their ability to access testing.

Hepatitis C testing and support in prison

Waverley care tell us how they work in a prison in Scotland to encourage testing fro viral hepatitis.

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User reviews

Often the advice available for advocates is very academic and is difficult to turn into on the ground action. This tool gives us up to date information with the ability to translate leanings into real action which will help us to reach more people.

The tool starts with the basics of the topic and if you need further understanding then with one click you can dig deeper.