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Room 601 Building 2, No. 24 Jian Wai Avenue Beijing 100022 China
About Wu Jieping Medical Foundation

Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation, approved by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC, is a non-public offering foundation. It was formally established in Beijing on February 28th 2002. It is a non-governmental organization and directly responsible for Ministry of Health. Before it was called Wu Jie Ping Urogological Department of Medical Foundation. And it was founded in 1995 as it has been called for and backed by one of Wu Jieping ’s relatives named MS Wu Shunwen who was chairman of Taiwan Yulon Group and other relatives and friends at home and abroad. Besides, it has been strongly supported by a lot of organizations and individuals from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the U.S. and Singapore. Consequently, Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation becomes one of the earliest and most influential organizations in China.

Now, its honorary President is professor Han Qide who is also  vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Committee, president of China Association for Science and Technology, chairman of Jiu San Society, Academician of Chinese Academy of sciences. And MS Yang Xiaomeng acts as chairman of the council. There are three subordinate departments: General Office, Finance Department, and External Affairs Department. And liver department, directly affiliated to Medical Foundation, serves as one of its operating departments.

After its foundation, Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation has made a lot of progress in such fields: it supported medical research and academic exchanges and motivated a variety of doctors to improve their vocational skills; it also provided vocational training and other subjects’ training; it held some charitable activities and popularization of science; and it participated in researching and developing TCM by cooperating with some enterprises to attract special funds. Simultaneously, Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation has made great contributions in medicine and health.

Recently, not only do the Communist Party of China and the government attach great importance to liver diseases, but the leaders of Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation gives top priority to it as it gets worse. Thus, demonstrated many times by experts and approved by the executive council of WJPMF, Liver Department of WJPMF was formally formed in December 2008 with its aim to exploit and develop any resource and advantage of WJPMF, NGO. It consociates experts from domestic and overseas and other social strength. It also carries out a program to popularize the knowledge related to liver, scientific research, clinical intervention, prevention of diseases, academic exchanges, education and caring. It helps promote and develop new technology and therapy for liver diseases. And it also helps construct a platform for academic research into liver prevention and further education. Apart from, it provides technical support and information for Administrative Department to make policies.

ProfessorDuan Zhongping, vice president of Beijing Youan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, is honored  the first executive director of Liver Department of Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation.