Viral Hepatitis Research Foundation



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3-2-15 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
About Viral Hepatitis Research Foundation

Main objectives and activities:

The Viral Hepatitis Research Foundation promotes research works, improves diagnosis and treatments and prevents viral hepatitis, and also promotes public awareness by campaign.

1. Research activities to develope diagnosis, prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis.

  • A few research residents who work in the research laboratories have been adopted for few years, in order to promote global or interdisciplinary research in the field of viral hepatitis.

2. Activities for campaigns on viral hepatitis to enlighten public awareness. 

  • The open lectures on viral hepatitis are held for citizen to enlighten public awareness.
  • Advertisements on viral hepatitis in the streets are done to give better awareness.

3.Activities for cooperation to national and international communications on viral hepatitis.

  • Excellent researchers in the field of viral hepatitis have been invited from foreign countries.
  • Japanese researchers have been sent to developed or developing countries to get an interchange of research data between countries.

4. Assists for Hepatitis-Control Measures by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

  • An open meeting is held once a year for chief researchers to summarize the latest results. 

5. Activities to consult and advise on viral hepatitis.

  • A course for education to the persons in charge of areas on viral hepatitis guide is held every year for two days.
  • Answering the questions from citizens on viral hepatitis by emails, telephones and letters.