Viral Hepatitis Association of Nigeria (VHAN)



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About Viral Hepatitis Association of Nigeria (VHAN)

Viral Hepatitis Association of Nigeria (VHAN) is a preventive and early detective consultancy medical association charged with the responsibility of advocacy and creation of awareness on Viral and non-viral Hepatitis. Viral Hepatitis Association of Nigeria conduct research worldwide to improve POLICIES, PROGRAMS, and PRODUCTS in the area of Viral and non-Viral Hepatitis.

With over 10 years of operational experience, we have been able to create awareness against viral hepatitis to more than three million Nigerians.

As at today, we are number one ranking as providers of services concerning viral hepatitis and we have been able to achieve with our professionals and affiliations we have made over the time.

Our Mission

We are on the mission to ensure a Hepatitis free nation/Nigeria through the provision of value added strategies for prevention of viral hepatitis infection of those infected and affected. These we do through research, advocacy, encourage government policies, seminars and provision of products for all at risk of the disease and provision of strategic care for those infected.

Our Vision

A Nigeria frees Viral and non-Viral Hepatitis

Strategic Approaches

Researches, survey, advocacy, professional seminars, public lectures, conferences, (National, International and Regional), training workshops, and publications.


Much of the researches, awareness creation, screening, programs and products administration on all our beneficiaries are carried out by our medical professionals and consultants within and outside Nigeria who are members of this organization.


  • Advocacy/awareness creation
  • Health services
  • Capacity building
  • Support for people living with viral hepatitis¬†


  • Excellence
  • Productivity at every level
  • Collective sense of responsibility
  • Transparency and Accountability in all endeavors