Saratov Regional Public Organization for Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis


The mission of the Organization is consolidation of the efforts of patients with virus hepatitis, their relatives, medical personnel and other citizens on voluntary basis for active contribution to prevention of virus hepatitis among the population, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and social adaptation quality improvement as well as the improvement of the condition and the quality of life of the patients with virus hepatitis and members of their families.

The Organization fulfills the following tasks:

- to defend the interests of its members in governmental and public organizations, to assist in solving of their social and everyday problems

- to provide its members with modern scientific, medical, popular information on virus hepatitis problems

- to draw public attention to the problems of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and social adaptation of the patients with virus hepatitis, prevention of virus hepatitis

- to develop and to implement own programmes within main spheres of activity

- to contribute to qualification improvement of regional medical personnel, widening and enlarging their scopes of mind with specific information on virus hepatitis problems

- to interact with other organizations and public associations for mutual benefit

Activities of the Organization:

- propaganda of the behavior among the population, reducing the risk of the infection of hepatitis viruses

- informational, advertising, consultative, publishing, preventing activities in accordance with the effective legislation of the Russian Federation

- assistance in establishment centres and hospitals for patients with virus hepatitis

- assistance in conducting scientific researches, connected with the problems of virus hepatitis

- attraction to cooperation organizations and specialists both of medical and non-medical profile

- assistance in organization of everyday and health resort rest for patients with virus hepatitis and members of their families;
- making contacts with similar Russian and foreign organizations

- organizing lectures, exhibitions, lotteries, auctions and other events, connected with the achievement of the goals

- interaction with organs of medical care and social protection, treatment facilities on questions of providing patients with virus hepatitis with medical, social and other kinds of assistance

- generalization and dissemination of national and foreign experience on questions connected with the Memorandum of Association objectives of the Organization


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Contact details

T: +7 8452 291 963
M: +7 917 21 81 666


Trudovoy pereulok 3/19, 95
Russian Federation