Meson de la Misericordia Divina, A.C.



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San Felipe 637 Guadalajara 44100 Mexico
About Meson de la Misericordia Divina, A.C.

We work with the socio-sanitary model on HIV, under the structure of the HIV care continuum, in which we integrate the diagnosis and care in viral hepatitis, through universal health coverage.
Prevention and diagnosis: Provide basic information on hepatitis B and C, as well as encourage rapid tests for their timely diagnosis and referral to hepatitis B vaccine for people with negative results.
Linking for care and treatment: Accompaniment and advice for integration into health services for monoinfection or coinfection, including sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis and HIV.
Micro-elimination strategies: With specialized attention in populations such as Men who have sex with other men (MSM) and People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).