Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation



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1st Floor, Mohd Hussain Plaza, Fawara Chowk Gujrat 50700 50700 Pakistan
About Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation

Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation (HEDF) was established and Registered in the year 2011 as an independent, non-Profit, non-Political and non-governmental Organization (NGO) based at District Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan. HEDF endeavors to serve humanity, work for human welfare/development and help the downtrodden and deprived.

Our Vision is the alleviation of Poverty; improvement of health status of targeted communities, Empowerment of women, Education, Human Rights as well as environmental awareness for all and provision of basic amenities to the needy in order to create a world where Charity and Compassion Produce justice, Self reliance and human development.

Mission Statement
HEDF governed by the teachings of Islam endeavors to tackle Poverty and its causes by creating Sustainable Solutions that would enable individuals and their communities to live with dignity and honors, taking initiatives for the promotion of Economic & Social justice.

HEDF also focuses on solving Social Issues on Education, Health, Environment and Violence against Women etc, Awareness campaign and promotion of Education, Health among the women, children and senior citizens from the weaker section of the Society in collaboration with other Stakeholders. We want to promote quality education for marginalized groups of the Society resulting in social transformation in Pakistan, while a upholding the values of Transparency, Accountability, Pluralism, Equality, Justice and Respect for All.