The interest of the team of Hepatitis C Venezuela AC, is to make known by different means of communication that hepatitis C virus (HCV) is treated, forms of transmission or contamination, ways to prevent, appropriate and timely treatment to avoid serious complications Which brings this entity if not diagnosed in time.
We are fighting for the approval and supply of the new direct antivirals to all of our affected.
Helping the well-being and quality of life of the sick.
Keep informed and updated to any user who enters the page in the search of information on the subject at hand.
It is of great importance to educate and inform everyone who is unaware of the cause, risk factors and treatments of this disease, it is for this reason that it seems relevant to give information talks at the level of schools, colleges, universities, public and private offices, Information campaigns in avenues, collective transport, metro, mass media such as radio, tv, etc.
When we refer to the population in general, it is by the way the disease spreads, which is through direct contact with contaminated blood, for example: piercing, tattoos, manicurist, surgeries, surgical and dental procedures, blood transfusions, Intravenous drugs, etc.
By being informed, our participants, patients and users will become the main disseminators of prevention throughout the national territory.

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