British Liver Trust


Liver disease is the fifth largest killer in the UK. We are here for everyone affected by liver disease, wherever they are in the UK.  

  • We support patients so they don’t have to face liver disease alone
  • We campaign to improve awareness so people are aware of the risks to the liver
  • We lobby for improved services for liver patients
  • We fund research to find the causes and treatments of liver disease
  • We work right across the country from Scotland to Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

Our key activities are:

  • Patient services, which include: this website, an information line, a range of informative and detailed publications, and our nationwide network of patient support groups
  • Improving awareness of the risks and causes of liver disease, including our annual campaign Love Your Liver
  • Research into the causes and treatments of liver disease, when funding allows, to reduce the impact and incidence in the future
  • Supporting health professionals to deliver high standards of care and support to those affected
  • Ensuring patients have a voice at local and national government level
  • Educating the public about the risks and how to avoid them


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