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About Bridge Resources

Mission Statement

Bridge Resources shall Help control and eventually eradicate Malaria and Hepatitis B from our society and to bring awareness of the dangers of Hepatitis B and its effects on society and development.

Aims and Objectives

• The initial focus of the Malaria Control Program is to assist Ghana’s Ministry of Health in its goal to protect all 22 million     Ghanaians at-risk from malaria through free distribution of long-lasting insecticide bed net. By purchasing the balance of nets needed by the national program and by co-ordinating net distribution and health education on malaria in the various districts and communities, we hope to achieve every agreed target with the Ministry.

• Organize clean up campaigns to reduce and eliminate breeding grounds of Mosquitoes.

• Educate communities on the importance of cleanliness and its effect on Malaria control

• In addition to long-lasting insecticidal bed net distribution, the organisation will work with other partners to assist with health education and evaluation of the national program to help prevent Hepatitis B and provide treatment for malaria.

• Provide Vaccines and drugs to Help eliminate Malaria and Control Hepatitis B

• Provide counseling services to Individuals of various communities in relation to Hepatitis B treatment.

• Liaise with the District Health Authorities and organize insecticide spraying programmes within the communities.

• Ensure that 70% of Ghanaian populace is tested for Hepatitis B and immunized against it by 2015.