Beacon Youth Initiative (BYI)



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N0 16 Shugaba Bage Street, Adjacent New CBN, Bukan Sidi Lafia, Nasaraw Nigeria
About Beacon Youth Initiative (BYI)

A society where every youth will rise and contribute meaningfully to the healthy and developmental growth of the society.

To work collectively as youth to avert health and developmental related problems society through active participation/involvement in the society to provide a better, safer and healthier society for the less privilege.

Our goal is to educate and enlighten the community more on the emerging diseases that they are ignorance of, the negative effects of abusing drugs/alcohol and producing an youths which will lead to the growth and development of National and Global healthy living, assisting the less privilege in the society through active participation, networking and partnering with other NGOs and related agencies for sustainable development.

I. To enlighten and educate the youth on drug abuse and alcoholism,
II. To educate communities on endemic (emerging) diseases Like Viral and Non-Viral Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, and other Health related issues.
III. To create awareness on rights of the child, youth and women in the society.
IV. To organize forums, seminars as a means of empowering and building the capacity of youth/community in the society.
V. To collaborate with Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies to achieve the set objectives.
VI. To cater for the needs of Orphans and the Vulnerable in the society.
VII. To undertake any other work or functions that may be for the general welfare of the people.
VIII. To network with similar NGOs so as to mobilize resources for the enhancement of the living standard of people in the society.