BARNALY (Social Change for Sustainable Development) is a non-government, Socio- economic development organization in Chattogram. Chattagrom being the port city and commercial capital city of Bangladesh, substantial number of people is under the marginal level in Chittagong division particularly, for lack of knowledge and practices of modern life. To address this situation, a group of progressive youths took initiative to form a youth group in March 26, 1997. The ultimate outcome of the initiative is BARNALY which began its course of participation in the development process. Since its inception, Barnaly has played an important role to protect socio-economic hazards by initiating and implementing various social development and environment development interventions. Barnaly has been endeavoring its best to organize the target groups through alliance and consistency, and have made them involved in the mainstream of development process. Involvement of community and local stakeholders are the key to have long term impact of this activates. BARNALY has mobilized to community and youth on making advocacy with local government to continue the services of Hepatitis A,B,C,D . BARNALY will make a linkage this Activates to another project of BARNALY. In addition to adopting relevant knowledge and capacity development from YOU, we want to more exposure and learning from this International networks.