Association pour la Promotion de la Sante et le Developpement (APSAD)



M: +223 74754800


Lafiabougou 460, Porte 246 Bamako BP: E23 Mali
About Association pour la Promotion de la Sante et le Developpement (APSAD)

The Association of Support in the Development of Activities of Population (ASDAP) is a Malian public health NGO working in 25 health districts within 5 regions throughout Mali and in the District of Bamako. We work diligently to develop and carry out programs and projects for health, population, and nutrition. Our headquarters is located in Commune VI in Bamako, to the south of the city.

Our mission is to promote the participative development of Mali. For over 16 years, we have been working diligently to gain the confidence and respect of our communities. We are actively involved in the dialogue concerning health on a national level, assisting in the formation, the implementation, the monitoring, and the evaluation of Mali’s health policies.November_10_bball_team.bmp

Our fields of expertise include: infant survival, family planning, sexual and reproductive health, the promotion for the abandonment of female genital mutilation, the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and STIs, nutrition, food security, the promotion and protection of women’s and children’s rights, the reinforcement of health systems.