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News from the World Hepatitis Alliance

Supporting the development of national action plans in South America

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

Government commitment to comprehensive national action plans is key to addressing the burden of viral hepatitis. To support the development of...

Assisting WHO in the development of a global strategy

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

World Health Organization Member States have urged WHO to develop a comprehensive global strategy on hepatitis. To assist in the development of this...


News from infohep

Cirrhosis raises the risk of liver injury in COVID-19 patients

13 Jul 2020 Keith Alcorn
People with cirrhosis, especially those with diabetes or obesity, are more likely to suffer significant liver injury after contracting SARS-CoV2 than...

Cameroon study shows hepatitis C treatment is feasible, highly effective in sub-Saharan Africa

23 Jun 2020 Keith Alcorn
High cure rates for hepatitis C can be achieved in Cameroon but the cost of treatment remains out of reach for all but the wealthiest, findings from...

Bacterial infection of the heart on the rise among people with hepatitis C in United States

23 Jun 2020 Keith Alcorn
Diagnoses of infective endocarditis, a life-threatening bacterial infection of the heart valves, have become more common over the past ten years...

NASH is fastest-growing reason for a liver transplant in United States

22 Jun 2020 Keith Alcorn
Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the severe form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is now the most common reason for a liver...

Hepatitis C in England: deaths decline but new infections steady since 2011

9 Jun 2020 Keith Alcorn
The number of people with chronic hepatitis C infection in England has fallen by 30% since 2016 due to direct-acting antiviral treatment, says Public...

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease does not raise the risk of COVID-19, gene study shows

26 May 2020 Keith Alcorn
People with a genetic profile that strongly predicts non-alcoholic or metabolic-associated fatty liver disease were not at higher risk of being...

COVID-19 in chronic liver disease: advanced cirrhosis greatly raises risk of death

22 May 2020 Keith Alcorn
People with chronic liver disease admitted to hospital with COVID-19 are dying at a much higher rate than the rest of the population, figures...

Weight gain after hepatitis C cure is common

19 May 2020 Keith Alcorn
Substantial weight gain is common after hepatitis C cure, an analysis of a large cohort shows, and around one in five people with normal body weight...

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects a quarter of lean people living with HIV

13 May 2020 Michael Carter
A quarter of people living with HIV with normal body weight have non-alcoholic-fatty liver disease (NAFLD), Italian and Canadian investigators report...

Short-course treatment for recent hepatitis C: some courses may be too short

7 May 2020 Keith Alcorn
An eight-week course of grazoprevir/elbasvir (Zepatier) achieved a high cure rate in people recently infected with hepatitis C, but another study...