EMRO candidate: Gamal Shiha

Throughout medical school I have committed myself to finding the one specialty that aligns perfectly with my personality and future goals to help my community. After exploring other specialties, I reflected on the qualities that I wished to possess as a physician. I envisioned myself as compassionate, respected, and knowledgeable, traits which I realized embodied the field of internal medicine.

The first patient I admitted was a poor farmer who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C that led to hepatic failure. I realized the questions I had asked relied upon my ability to combine my knowledge of pathophysiology along with the clinical presentation of a disease process. At last I comprehended the importance of the basic science years as it related to patient care. I continued to follow this patient, and the responsibility of caring for someone's health had both a significant impact on me. Although I was only a small part of this man's care, I still felt connected to him. While his death saddened me, it also made me conscious of the potential rewards, such as lasting patient-doctor relationships, which could only come out of providing a lifetime of care to each of my patients.
in 1997, I founded the Association of Liver Patients’ Care (ALPC), a non-governmental organization to provide free treatment, free investigation and free medications for poor liver patients, and help their families. It aims to raise the awareness of prevention of liver diseases by holding conferences, campaigns, seminars and public lectures. It also holds specialized workshops for doctors to raise their efficiency.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Chronic HCV that was at early stages and I got treated and I am totally HCV free now.

In 2011, The association established Egyptian Liver Research Institute And Hospital (ELRIAH) a hospital and institute of liver research to be number one in the Arabic Area. The hospital is in Sherbin near Mansoura. includes the outpatient clinics, laboratories, pharmacy, Endoscope unit, diagnostic and interventional radiology unit (sonars - C.T. scan), Surgical unit & specialized Research unit. That provide Free care to poor liver patients and to the community.

In 2015, I started a campaign (Village Free from Hepatitis) a community-based outreach model (educate, test and treat) for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C & B. We reached a 100 Village across Egypt free from hepatitis in 2019 with screening of more than 250,000 villagers and offering treatment to more than 35,000 hepatitis patients.