AFRO candidate: Dr Alioune Coulibaly

Association for Health and the Development Promotion in Mali APSAD/MALI 63405213
President APSAD/MALI June 2011 –
Association of the Malians of Washington DC AMAW: 001 (301) 712 2287
Physician Volunteer: Awareness officer October 2008 – December 2010 Representative of the AMAW in the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable NVHR: 001(707)4800596
Cabinet Medical Moctar Thera Hamdallaye, Bamako Malo 011 (223) 229 1903
Physician Assistant Chief of Clinic September 2000 – June 2002
Communitarian Health Center of Bakaribougou, Bamako Mali,
Physician, Chief of Service May 1999-August 2000
Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Odontostomatology FMPOS Bamako Mali
Student/Intern 1997

My medical profile, my involvement in the promotion of health care system in Mali, my experience in the reflection, development, implementation, measurement and Evaluation of projects; my involvement in the execution and the assessment of the Mali health development programs, my notions in informatics are assets I wish to provide for this Position.

Back in Medical School, I participated in many activities of Immunization campaigns of the government. In 1996, I initiated as Student leader in support of the National Health Direction an Immunization campaign against Meningitis through the mobilization of 40 students for weeks to back health workers in Dioïla (Koulikoro). Together we reached more than 86% of the target population. As community health physician, and Private practionner, I participated in the: execution and the assessment of the Wild Immunization program, prenatal care, prevention of chronic and Acute Malnutrition, Prevention of HIV and STD, long-term birth control practices, promotion of Hygiene and Sanitation. This background makes me understand the expectations of this job and make easier my collaboration with health authorities.

From 2008 to 2010, In USA, I participated at the International Consensus Conference of Hepatitis B Management at NIH Bethesda MD in 2008 and others International Symposia on Hepatitis and Liver Diseases ISHLD in DC (USA) and Shanghai (China) where I defended the importance of international collaboration in Hepatitis control. As the representative of Malians of Washington DC at the national viral hepatitis roundtable NVHR, I have participated in the, in a huge American campaign of chronic Viral Hepatitis control, with animation of awareness campaign among African communities, launching of petition, screening campaign Phila HepB Free and training of African trainers with others partners and has been an actor of the petition to support a US congress bill HR 3974 designed to reinforce hepatitis control in USA, and attended at diverse US congressional briefing on Viral Hepatitis. This bill has facilitated a lot of support of USAID in Africa.

As President of association, I initiated a project of Prevention of the Transmission Mother-Child PTME of the B hepatitis since this transmission is the most frequent in endemic zones like Mali. With the approval of the National ethics Committee, we performed an advocacy Event for the government with 300 participants, realization and diffusion of Sketch, conducted survey on hepatitis screening toward health professionals and the population. Restitution of surveys occurred as workshop and thesis presentation. Currently we are working with the National Direction of Health to put in place the National plan of Hepatitis control in Mali.

My ongoing training on Master of Public Health Candidate option Community Health, make me understand the importance of community implication in hepatitis control and the need of global funding. As hepatitis B patient diagnosed in 2007, the emotional burden and struggle for care justify my involvement in hepatitis control and make me understand what patients are going through.

Back in Mali, the association he created with colleagues and friends, screened people for hepB and C 700 hundred of pregnant women. 400 hundreds newborn babies received hepB birth dose vaccine for free. His involvement in negotiation conducted to make tenofovir affordable in Mali. Appointed Advisor of the Alliance board member of African region my work with colleagues from francophone area conducted at the creation of the African Francophone Alliance against hepatitis AAFHE.

For me elimination of hepatitis in Africa by 2030 is possible with much more coordination of all the stakeholders in Africa by finalizing the African Hepatitis Alliance AHA, strong engagements for screening of all African pregnant women and implementation of options of MTCTP available as the new strong action to reach missing millions, as well as screening others vulnerable populations. All these efforts would need founding from African themselves among whom the African Union, as well as international funding like the kind of PEPFAR for Hepatitis with continuing support of pharmaceuticals companies and all others founding opportunities.


I met Dr Alioune COULIBALY in 1996 as national director of Health, the minister of Health referred him to me as a Medical Student leader. Mali was facing different epidemic diseases at the same time. With our support he mobilized 40 students for field trip for weeks to reinforce immunization campaign team against Meningitis in Dioἲla with coverage of more than 80% of the target population. As president of APSAD they organized awareness Sketch for hepB MTCTP broadcasted at Mali Television, conducted surveys towards medical personnel and general populations on hepatitis screening. Restitution occurred as meeting at Azalai Hotel for population and as medical thesis presentation at the Faculty of Medicine. In 2013 APSAD organized a great advocacy meeting toward government. Over 300 hundred people attended, as the chairman of the event I kept in mind this question of the audience: why don’t we screen pregnant women for HepB?

- Dr Mama COUMARE MPH, Mali Deputy Minister of Health and social Affairs

I met Dr COULIBALY back in Medical School went he was a Junior Student. Because of his respectful attitude, intellectual capacities in term of analysis and assimilation, his curiosity and enthusiasm for science; we built up a nice relationship. Since his come back from USA, he has been involved in hepatitis control in Mali. As president of an association pursuing the reinforcement of viral hepatitis control in Mali, my service provide technical support to their Hepatitis and Ebola awareness campaigns activities with great implication of populations. Because of his engagement in Mali Health System reinforcement and particularly the high impact, I believe, the research project on Mother to Child Transmission Prevention of Hepatitis B he would like to conduct will provide to Mali populations I strongly recommend him.

- Dr Sounkalo DAO MD, Professor in charge of Infectious and Tropical Diseases/ Head of Infectious Diseases Service Point G Teaching Hospital/ Programme UCRC/ NIAID/ USTTB / President society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases SOMAPIT