Governing board

Leading and organising the fight against viral hepatitis

How do we ensure that we are staying in touch with the needs of patients? What makes us certain we are doing what is best for the people most affected? Our executive board is drawn from across the world, from the six world regions of Africa, the Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, South East Asia and Western Pacific. Our structure requires that there is always one board member from each region – this means that every region is always represented. This also brings a breadth of varied experience and expertise to the table.

The executive board – invested in the fight against hepatitis

Our Executive Board is not like a corporate board. Each member of the board is a chronic hepatitis patient, which means that they have a real, first-hand understanding of what life is like with this condition. The board’s role is to make sure that we always remain an organisation for patients, to help patient groups with national advocacy when needed whilst representing those same groups in the Alliance. On top of this, the board is constantly encouraging participation in awareness events such as World Hepatitis Day and helping patient groups to join WHA.

Non-executive board members – expert advisors and observers

Our non-executive board members are an invaluable addition to the governance team. Elected for their professional expertise, the non-executive members observe and guide the rest of the board, helping them to make the best and most informed decisions.

Su Wang (MD MPH) - Saint Barnabas Medical Center

President of the World Hepatitis Alliance

Danjuma Adda -Chagro-Care Trust (CCT)

President-elect World Hepatitis Alliance

Alioune Coulibaly - APSAD Mali

Executive Board Member for the African Region

Gamal Shiha - Association of Liver Patient Care (ALPC)

Executive Board Member for the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Rachel Halford -Hepatitis C Trust

Executive Board Member for the European Region

PATRICIA VÉLEZ- MOLLER- Guatemalan Liver Association

Executive Board Member for the Americas Region

Prof R P Shanmugam - Chennai Liver Foundation

Executive Board Member for the South-East Asia Region

Lien Tran - WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis, Doherty Institute

Executive Board Member for the Western Pacific Region

Helen Tyrrell, Hepatitis Australia

Skills-based Board Member

Homie Razavi, Founder & Managing Director of the Center for Disease Analysis (CDA)

Non-Executive Board Member of the World Hepatitis Alliance

Edo Agustian, Yayasan Koalisi Satu Hati

Skills-based Board Member